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In response to this article on Gifted Homeschoolers http://giftededucation.suite101.com/article.cfm/what-public-schools-lose-when-gifted-kids-are-homeschooled
Well Alex let me begin by saying your article comes across as a very one sided opinion piece with a great deal of conjecture. You seem to imply that “we homeschoolers” did not advocate for our students prior to making the choice to Homeschool. I subjected my children to the public school system, trusting that they know more about educating them than I do, because of course, that’s what they “do”. I found out that in each of my children’s circumstances, that was just not the case. It didn’t make any difference how long or loud I tried to work with the school system they continued to fail each child and push me off hoping I would just back off. They won, I backed off and I chose to invest my time, energy and resources into giving my children tailored educations in a safe environment vs. wasting those resources, any longer, on the public school system. I only have 12 years at the most to provide an appropriate, safe education to each of these children. I wasted 8 years with my oldest and 7 years with my second. I started catching on with the two youngest and made the informed decision not to subject them to the same failures that the older ones had to endure.

In regards to your statement on the effect of Homeschooling gifted kids vs. keeping them in public school, specifically “Taking away peers that public school kids are seeking…” In our circumstance the only reason the majority of the public school students were “seeking” my gifted students was to cause them mental, emotional and physical harm. I have a personal responsibility to educate my children in a safe environment. I was under the assumption that the public school was under that same obligation, but obligated or not…they don’t.

Lastly, concerning your comment , “Most importantly, gifted education students need their Homeschool peers in the classroom, because they are going to be architects of future community schools.” I would hazard a guess that the gifted homeschool students are going to be the architects of future community schools and become influential members of society whether they are educated in a brick and mortar class room or at their dining room table until they go off to college. Perhaps having had a different learning model they will be better equipped to implement the needed changes when they are the administrator themselves. Until then, we have personally made the necessary “school choice”.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your article. If you would like any further details on our individual choices to homeschool, feel free to check out my new blog http://camischoolathome.blogspot.com/ I’m still working on getting our entire story up there but it may give you some more insight.