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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Many gifted children fail academically - UdeMNouvelles

Many gifted children fail academically - UdeMNouvelles

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  1. I have found the hand writing issues vs. creativity to be a problem for both my gifted and autistic children. We chose a completely computer based curriculum this year for our nine year old son who is finishing up 5th grade core subjects and pre-algebra. Last year he dictated and I typed everything. This year he types everything but math notes. It is just this year that his printing has become legible during his note taking for math. In my opinion this is related to the reduced pressure on handwriting coupled with his age related increase in dexterity.
    Our seven year old son is on the spectrum and at or slightly above grade level with reading but to my amazement just sat down the other day and completed a third grade math placement test with no mistakes. I haven’t even introduced the formal concepts of multiplication or fractions but apparently he understands them. I had intended to use the test to expose him to the “test style” addition as we only use plain paper write on. But as I stepped away he read and answered all of the questions on his own.
    We only use the plain paper because the lines were very frustrating for him when he began learning how to form his letters. I made paper that was more like large graph paper for him to practice letters, then with large rectangles for words. As he began sentences we moved away from lines altogether to avoid continued frustration. I have been allowing him to draw pictures of what he learns and write a sort of summary sentence somewhere on the drawing. I have found that force and frustration lead to refusal to participate so I try to find creative accommodating ways to maneuver around having to use those tactics. Both boys are learning how to physically write in nontraditional ways that accommodate their learning speed and styles.